Investment Philosophy

The world of Financial Planning and Wealth Management is continually changing...

FCMS takes a dynamic and highly adaptive approach to asset management by combining the essential components of traditional investment theory with the original thinking of modern strategies.

Our investment philosophy is founded upon the integration of active oversight, modern diversification, and risk management, and our institutional investment process is overseen by an experienced team dedicated to performing the in-depth research and due diligence necessary to make informed investment decisions in a timely manner.

Active Oversight
Modern Diversification
Risk Management

Our investment world has changed.

We actively manage your portfolio amid ever-changingmarkets and collaborate with you to ensure your investments remain aligned to your goals and dreams.

Diversification for the modern world.

By integrating traditional, dynamic, and alternative investment solutions while taking a refreshingly sophisticated approach to managing risk in client portfolios, our asset management platform is designed to meet the uniquely important needs of each investor.

FCMS combines three core elements of asset management – Freedom Foundation®, Freedom Dynamic®, and Freedom Alternative® – which together provide investors an enhanced level of diversification.

Through the integration of traditional asset allocation with the innovative thinking of modern strategies, Freedom Capital Management Strategies® offers investors diversification for the modern world.

A new approach to managing investment risk.

When it comes to developing an investment strategy, it is important to consider the potential for losses alongside the opportunity for gains.

Having a defined risk mitigation strategy can help protect your wealth while lessening the adverse impact of emotion in challenging markets.

Learn how Risk Assist®, our innovative risk mitigation strategy, can help protect your portfolio against catastrophic losses that could derail your financial plan.